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There is this time I had sh3000.00 mbele nyuma. I mean there weren’t those coins lying around on the dressing table or those random 50bobs in the jeans I wore last week. Let it be known it was not even mid-month and the next time I could call home for money is the next month.

So I am busy planning how 100bob per week is for the tomatoes, potatoes, onions and all that typa stuff. Every coin was accounted for and luxuries such as meat ingebidi ningoje niende home niibe.

After balancing those balance sheets that never used to balance in school, some human being sent by the ‘Las Vegas Spirit’ has the audacity to hit me up to club on Friday. I’m like mmh…tricky. Guuurl! Why you always lying? Sema ukweli. Ugh ok guys, I didn’t even think twice. You know how in the movies there’s normally an angel and a devil to tell you what to do? Well apparently, I only have the devil! The angel has the audacity to show up only when I am ballin’ to tell me to read a book, sleep or do that introverted kinda stuff. Mimi nani…

Mr. Price mbiombio looking for the million dollar outfit with my 3Gs. Ushawahiona dent yenye 997,000 dollars or goddamn shillings can leave? But do I care? No! Why? Because the devil is busy twerking to his best song in the album ‘YOLO’. Si I will go out, twerk, shout, jump, drink and laugh.

On Saturday I wake up thinking hunnie boo baby gurl you messitup and you’re broke. What are you going to do?

Decisions ma’friend…you nah mean?


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  1. Those moments when your wallet ain’t like ‘i gotchu’ so mbele nyuma hakuendeki😂😂😂 pure chweest pains but you gotta roll🤣🤣

    • it pains but you just have to sleep and view statuses of guys having fun. pia hiyo ni fom.😂😂