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After form 4 there’s normally a gap year, right? I mean that time umewatch movie zote mpaka za São Tomé and Príncipe. It’s the most confusing and frustrating time. Well, at least for me it was. But before that, watu walifanya ICDL(International Computer Driving License) ni peer pressure ilifanya muende ama ni kiherehere yakutumia Excel iliwapeleka huko? Alafu kwani mlikuwa mnadrive kwa meza tu ju sijawahi ona magari za ICDL?
Now onto real matters, I wanted to be everything and anything. From pediatrician (nimejua spelling leo ata), to a nurse, to a lawyer, psychiatrist, teacher, forensic scientist, architect, to a model. Isitoshe, I wanted to be an airhostess until my friend was like utawezana na kuwa makanga wa ndege ati kazi yako ni “ebu shukisha hapo Amsterdam niko na craving ya kishada?”
If you’re in form 4 word of advice is that when it comes to picking your university courses ebu pray and fast about it. I know we as Kenyans are blessed with the gift of copying but don’t dab your deskmate’s course lest you find yourself being called for Bsc. Animal Husbandry and the only animal you have ever lived with is the cockroach in your kitchen. Second advice is if you’re planning to go abroad please be serious with filling in your university course. Aki please! You might have even pinky sworn with your grandfather that you will go abroad but reality is utajipata ukienda Dedan Kimathi University miaka sita. This life can humble ebu just ask me.
One thing that baffles me is, should you pick a course you love and stand a chance to be eating ugali chumvi or do a course that’s marketable and stand a chance to die of Boredomlitis pseudopodia? Usijali ata mimi sijui kupronounce. I just thought it would be cool to apply all that Biology binomial nomenclature business. Form 4 leavers, read this twice. Make it clear to your folks, priest and the mosquitoes at your place that if they want you to be a doctor tell them it’s never too late wanaweza rudi shule. The sky is never the limit na siku hizi kuna masomo ya ngumbaru. Wasikupee mapressure hazifai.
Haya kitu ingine ni are you ever scared that you won’t get a job? Me too! These people who talk about self-employment mnataka nijenge Kenyatta Hospital yangu nianze kutibu watu with 2 months experience? Ntadiagnose kila mtu na minyoo. Ebu wacheni jokes. Ati sasa nijenge Burj Khalifa na hata siwezi jenga mwili yangu? Ati sasa nitengeneze NTV yangu alafu niongeleshe nani? Siafu? Ebu cut me some slack. I know it’s possible to create your own employment but si mngenifunza hivyo nikikuwa baby class nikikoroga maji na mchanga. Such skills just went to waste manzee.
Seriously guys, as you adult you got to know what else you can do with yourself that sets your soul on fire. Hapa ndio Charles Bukowski hakutuchana nywele na mifupa ya samaki aliponena, “be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire” especially if you’re in a public university itabidi uchangamke ju unaweza kuwa 2nd year miaka nne. If you don’t have anything that sets your soul on fire kiberiti ni 10bob alafu kuja hapa hivi nikuchome hadi kwa mara.
…you nah mean?


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  1. “ebu shukisha hapo Amsterdam niko na craving ya kishada?” 😂😂😂

  2. Winnie Irungu on

    I like how you usually discuss these topics that definitely affect us with a touch of humour…😂😂…got me at kuitwa kufanya Animal husbandry… And true… Get into something you’ll be happy doing all the days you have on earth….

  3. Do what you love, I agree. Your job should not enslave you. And if you can make money off a talent of yours, go after that. And it won’t even feel like a job.

  4. Yaah very relatable. Buuuuutt..
    I also think we are also enemies of ourselves,in every bad thing there is always a blessing.
    You cant just wait joining university because life is so much more though😇. You can take up photography,learn how to do make up,pick up an instrument,start a book club,learn how to cook out of the norm meals! In essence it’s usually the best time to know more about yourself and create a versiom of yourself,WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS!!!! Dont sleep on these long holidays💜

    • By all means I agree with what you have said and that’s why I said find things that set your soul on fire. For me , as much as I learnt a lot during gap year, it was such a difficult time trying to figure out I want to do. That’s why I am trying to explain that you really need to think about the direction of life you would want to take not because of what your parents or society want but what you want.

  5. I’ve been waiting for this blog mazee😩..but it was absolutely worth the wait😂😂💯💯

  6. 😂😂
    I’ve been laughing all through this post.
    But this is honestly true.

    👍🏻Good job, Muthoni

  7. Na hata hatuwezi jenga mwili😂😂
    Yako imesound personal…

    I just love that we can all relate to your content!!

    • Nimejenga foundation nikachoka.😂😂

      We appreciate the fact that you relate with our content.

      Catch Andisi’s post on ‘Choices’ just down below.😊

    • Thankyou! It was such a struggle and that’s just exactly what I felt during my gap year. You can share your d experience definitely.😊

  8. Certainly brought me back to my happiest golden days,,,, the pinky swears ,,kukoroga maji na mchanga 😹😹😹🧸and then comes the gap year that becomes critical.🤔😎☕

    • If life was kalongolongo where you can switch roles everytime from dad to mom to auntie, heeeeh it would be heaven.

  9. Io part ya siwezi jenga mwili nimeskia hadi kwa mitochondria aga mitochondrion aagrh diûé

    • Usijali. No one even knows what mitochondria is anymore.😂😂
      People are so basic nowadays. Tunajua head, shoulders, knees, toes and booty.😂😂

    • You can share those 2 minutes on twitter, wozapp, snapchat, Instagram!
      Retweet too!

  10. When you said “na siezi jenga mwili”….the whole world felt that 🤧😂😂😂😂

    • I dunno which cousin is this but si you just know … our family is a craaazzzy reality show.
      Niliambiwa ati photography si kazi. Nitafute kazi ya ukweli. I was all over the place tho. I wanted to be a house dj!

  11. These people who talk about self-employment mnataka nijenge Kenyatta Hospital yangu nianze kutibu watu with 2 months experience? Ntadiagnose kila mtu na minyoo. …..haaaa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Enyewe how am I supposed to create my own employment surely and some institutions are so fixed?🙄