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I am scrolling through Pinterest (my new profound hobby) and I see a picture of a notebook written ‘Curriculum Vitae’. I scroll past it because I mean, it’s just another word in the world. Daaaaym! My first rhyme, ‘Word in the world’… gerrit? Yeah! As I continued looking at things that I clearly couldn’t  afford, this word just kept ringing in my head and I would like to believe this is the conversation we heard when I picked the call.

“Eyoo Curriculum Vitae, wassgood? Wasspoppin’?” I asked.

“I was just reminding you that in a few years you might really need me,” CV said.

“Oh, really? But how? I wrote tonnes of you in high school thinking that you would come in my exams. But no! You were busy selling Muguka. Now, who needs the other?”

“Well, you need to get yourself a job and you have to impress them with your achieve-“ Tititi… Call cuts off.

“Hello? Dr. Ring Ding? Oh no! I meant CV. Are you still there?”

No response. Ugh! Safaricom.

Anyway, CV got me thinking…What will I write in my CV? There is no denying that I have achieved a lot. I mean, I can eat 15 chaposmokies at a go, I can run backwards in my dreams, I have a professional degree in ‘kuchoma picha’, I can whistle “Kama imeweza imeweza na…ukibebwa basi bebwa nayo…kitu safi iende chain chain…”

Ok seriously, I have accomplished quite a number of things but is my definition of achievement what the company about to hire me wants to hear? Do they want to know that I have learnt to listen to what my soul tells me? Do they really want to know that I now understand that ‘peace is not the absence of chaos but the refuge in the midst of it’? Are they interested with the fact that I no longer struggle with comparing myself with other people because I realized that ‘If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be a greater and lesser person than yourself’? Do they care that I now believe because I choose to and not because my parents or society tells me to? Will they appreciate the milestones I have taken in challenging the beliefs and practices that bear no truth, no justice, no love?   Do they want to know that I finally ‘got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart. Where? Down in my heart’? Do they want to know I can now make circular chapatti and not those triangular things I have been making for years?

What I am really trying to say is that people take pride in so many different things and that’s what they have believed to be their achievement/success. Some are Nviiri the story-tellers, some are Neyos in the club or church (wherever you like), some have finally grown their hair to shoulder-length after years of using rice water, some have saved money for 7 good years and they can now afford to take themselves to Kempinski and just order for a soda. The list is endless. Uw! How can I forget this? Some have just grown one hair on their beard. Majamaa by the way, si you relax. Kanywele kamoja tu and you would think Nyashinski has released an album.

Back to the point guys. Yes you might feel achieved for finishing your degree with first class honours or becoming the president at your school but as you grow older, do you really think that we could all streamline our definition of success/achievements to what it has been made to be by society?

PS: Nikiandika kwa CV ati ninaweza kula ugali madondo bila kuendesha kunashida?


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  1. Hii kitu ya CV imekuwa ikiniuma kichwa bure. Now someone finally understands what I usually ask myself. I said that I’ll start a company to avoid writing CVs but they just follow you everywhere. Thank you 🙏

  2. Wow I am bamfullzed(sijui spelling)…thank you for this beautiful piece of work🔥

  3. sasa wameru wataandika Curriculum Vaite😂😂..lakini kila mtu has their own definition of success and achievements…hii mambo ya CV iangaliwe tena

    • 😂😂😂😂 say what now?
      yeah everyone does have their own definition and that’s the beauty of life.

    • Thankyou!
      And while at it,share with your friends on this topic of success and what it means to you.

  4. Great,great piece!!
    Enyewe what really is success🤔🤔
    Its about time we think!

  5. I absolutely loved this! Really brought out the very reality behind the meaning and perception of success and in such a cool way. Loved. It.

  6. Well said … 💯 you have just brought about a broader perspective on how we see this Success thing

  7. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂this is my new favourite piece on this blog!!!!😂😂😂😂 naisha!

  8. Winnie Irungu on

    I like the conversation you are bringing up. 👏👏…I personally don’t think society’s standards of success apply to each and every individual…

    • Thankyou!

      Its definitely a conversation we all ought to have with ourselves just to understand what success means to us.