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Growing up we lived reclusively. It was just me, my sister and my parents. That was the family I knew. Occasionally an auntie or uncle with a sprinkle of cousins here and there would come and visit, sometimes we would too. However, family reunion is a concept I got to hear from other people. As far as my family is concerned we meet when an eminent member decides cohabit with God. That is when we all come together and realize you have seen that face before probably at the supermarket or was it at the hospital no wait definitely at the local joint.
I used to feel bad for myself given family reunions are not such a norm in our bloodline until I was told of the drag of such occasions. A woman by the title of auntie sijui nani wants to know why you cannot remember her and she is the one who used to change your soiled diaper, chill lady I don’t even remember what I ate for dinner, another sneers when she notices you have more piercings than a block of cheese. Then there are those cousins who make you curse the blood you share otherwise you would make social media headlines as couple goals.
It only bothers me when I think that I pass someone on the street and not know we share the same heritage and also that we could be anchorage in any crisis or worse still I happen to fall for someone only to find out we are related when our kids don’t seem fit for this life. I had an experience of a reunion and I honestly would not want to relive the drama that unfolded but that would be a small price to pay for knowing who my people are.
This is just part one of a two part series where we explore a crazy side of adulting which is family reunions. When we transition into adulthood most of our extended family is not around us 24/7 to embrace our adult selves thus the awkwardness that surfaces during such occasions.
What’s your story?
Share with us and lets trade our experiences from the funny, to the odd, to the cringe-worthy and even those outright dumb.


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  1. I get to discover a new uncle and/or auntie each year. But family gathering hatujui.

  2. Reunions just provide the perfect opportunity for your relatives to evaluate and judge your life decisons😂

    • Sometimes it helps you see your mistakes but other times it’s a bit too much. Like can you please call me to the side and tell me my faults instead of embarrassing me in front of everyone ?😑😂

  3. Aunties be like “sasa izo “michoro” tats si ni demonic 😩😩 till you wonder where the fuck did mind your damn business go😂

  4. Winnie Irungu on

    Wuehhh…😂😂That’s different for me. From both my dad’s and mum’s family there is at least one reunion each year…. Plus now on my dad’s side the parents meet another 2 or 3 times a year for prayer meetings😂😂…I guess I don’t totally relate…

  5. Recently My brother and I discovered we have a hot cousin and my bro’s response to this was “btw Arno kesi baadaye”😂😂.I still haven’t gotten over that.

    • Heeeeiii! I cannot believe my eyes lol. At this rate I think there should be a national holiday for family reunions 😂

  6. As for me, i just found out i had been friends with my cousin whom my mum insisted i should meet😂😂
    Moreover my family has never had this reunions, everyone seems to be caught up in their own business

    • Sometimes we just need to spare time for your people because one day they are there next minute it’s just you in this cold mean world.

  7. Reunions are all fun and games as long as your family members get along but just wait until families argue and conflicts ensue!

  8. What are reunions?….I totally don’t relate I wonder what I’d wish to change about that with my future kids though🤔

    • If you have siblings you can try and make your bond stronger eg you can be having eat out together, watch movies together . This goes a long when you’re older and have your own children. They will see the amazing bond you have with your siblings. You can reach out to your cousins too. If you’re the only child you can form really strong bonds with your friends who your kids will call them aunt or uncle .

  9. Now for me it’s a different story… Growing up to adult and finally realizing that cousin who was your best and did so much together turning to less of an acquaintance …a hard pill to swallow

    • You can always try to connect with him or her and find ways to go back to where you were.

  10. ..manze mimi kuna ma cousin wengine huwa naona najiuliza mbona tuko related…otherwise social media would be headlines with couple goals…i can totally relate😂😂

    • Same here and everytime you had to remind each other sisi ni wa familia moja..though distance coz his uncle married your sister… But well such is life…

  11. piercings were such a big deal. I remember them telling me ” Kwani huwezi bandika tu , lazima ungetoboa ? Sasa hiyo nyama ulitoboa iko?”🙄😂

    • are we related? because my uncle and aunts said the exact same thing😑😂😂