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“Two roads diverged in a wood,

And I took the less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

     ~ Robert Frost

Take a trip with me…

Back in high school, it is time to choose subjects you’ll do in the national exams, subjects that will hopefully align with your career. In your head and your heart, you know you want to be in fashion. With every fiber of your being, you know that that is what you can do and are passionate about.

It is time to go back to school, and you are set on home science, and you are content. In comes your group of friends and they unanimously selected “three sciences.” So discontent sets in, and you ask yourself whether choosing home science is really that important now. “Aha! Let me also do the three sciences and some other subject instead”. You choose that, and later you are burdened by your choice.

Many a time, peer pressure forces us down paths we never intend for ourselves. We sometimes get so caught up seeking approval from others that we do not acknowledge that our individuality matters more than what others think of us. Sure being a doctor is great; you get to save lives, but won’t you be happier and more fulfilled styling that emcee for their gig. Won’t you sleep better knowing you are doing something that you have so much zest for?

Social Media has a way of derailing people from what they really want. As human beings, we are naturally impressionable, and when everyone, your timeline is going to the Coast, but you want to go to Turkana. You then choose to get swept up and of to Diani by the trend. Trends and things on the timeline come and go, but you will remain. You will still be you even after you opt to go to Diani. Turkana and its dazzling landscape will always be nudging you.

So choose you and your dreams and aspirations and be brave enough to go your own way.


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  1. I really like what you have written…I hope someone who is making the mistake of going with a certain flow rather than what they really need or want gets to see this

  2. This is so accurate…..sometimes the reason as to why life is so difficult is cause we’re living others defination of life forgetting how different a journey we all are on…..sometimes we want so badly to fit in and get pple to like us that we’ll sacrifice ourselves and our very selves for that…..so much potential is wasted when we’re out here chasing clout and doing pple pleasing and what for….its never worth it when those pple will one day cease to be in your life and will probably be out there dragging your name across mad.

    • So true people-pleasing and clout chasing is not the best way. We all have our own journey. Thanks for sharing!