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Nike is onto something with their slogan “Just Do It”. We are at the phase in our lives when we have the time to explore different avenues. Our talents and capabilities have manifested in one way or another and we have come across moments where we are given the opportunity to stand under a spotlight and share our gifts with the world but we second guess ourselves so much that those chances pass us by. Then we sit back and console ourselves with “It wasn’t the right time” ati “Let those who are ahead of me take this chance si I’m still young” and then there is the one and only… procrastination.

Procrastination is that person who is more toxic than the Kenyan government is to its citizens yet the citizenry go on Twitter to rant but still give the same shitty people to rule over us year in year out. Procrastination is that person you are in an okay relationship with. You know you are capable of a lot without them, you know you deserve better but there you are too afraid to leave because of fear. Okay, I think you know where I am going with this. You and procrastination coupled with your fears are there chilling in the comfort zone probably rolling one. The sad part is that the years will go by and before you know it you would have wasted your energetic years too scared to leave your comfort zone and embrace your full potential.

A good friend of mine and I were chatting and then Impostor Syndrome came up.

Impostor Syndrome – (also known as fraud syndrome or the impostor experience) this is a psychological pattern in which one doubts one’s accomplishment and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

So simply it is being in a room with people you are as bad-ass as but still it feels like you are not at par with them. I have been in such rooms and instead of feeling confident in my ability I felt the walls closing in on me.

Another thing is the fear of failure. As a people we are so afraid of failing, or is it just me? We have a fear of taking that leap of faith and end up worse than we started. We fear that instead of landing on the star we aimed for or at least the clouds we would settle for, we end up on Dwayne Johnsons’ ass or rock bottom, whichever is worse. Then there comes the mockery from people “Enyewe alikuwa anafikiria?” or “Nilijua tu hangemake sijui alijisumbua kwa nini…” (By the way, we need stop this stupidity of talking down people when they do not achieve what they set out to do. It is already enough they did not succeed. They do not need your negativity buzzing around them like pesky mosquitoes.)

Then to finish youself off and your brittle esteem with the power of Muhammad Ali’s left jab is the self blame and from that point, more often than not, people take a nose dive into depression, detrimental drug abuse or crippling alcoholism.

In all sincerity, adulting comes with a lot of nonsense but either way we must survive it and be the person our fifty year old selves will be happy to share a body with.

So whichever point of your life you are whilst reading these words keep going and just do it.

That selfie you took in which you know you look cute in but your damn nose will not let you prosper, just post it. Those incessant rhymes in your head just write them down and set some bars honey. That crush that you build a life with in your wet dreams, just go talk to them. That partner who keeps letting you down, just leave them!  That idea for a business, just go through with it. That bad habit you are trying to kick, just stop it. That bullshit you have been tolerating, just say no to it. That therapy you feel you need, just go for it. You want to climb a mountain or a hill, you want to skinny deep in the ocean, you want learn a new language; you want to get that ripped body, JUST FREAKING DO IT!

I know you are probably looking at your screen like “you do not know how hard it is”, Trust me, I do, however I believe a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, as cheesy as it sounds. Take that one deliberate step with the faith that you will put one foot in front of the other, even if you stumble and fall, you will get up dust yourself of, fix your crown like the royalty you are and just make something of yourself.

Share with us some of the journeys you are on and we can help uplift each other, this is a safe space.


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  1. At the end of it all …it will be just you thats the bottom line so don’t just do it but do it to perfection

  2. That crush you have been making a family with in wet dreams…..just talk to her….feeling psyched up for the coming week…

  3. Just do it. At least you’ll never have to wonder what would happen if you actually went through with it!

  4. For starters maybe I have two left legs😂😂 but I’m beating the odds by attending salsa classes and you know what imma just go on with it!!!

  5. I am so inspired! I really hate getting tired and dirty but I really want to climb Mount Kenya and guess what…imma JUST DO IT!

  6. so much truth in this!
    I have always wanted to do something quite spontaneously and this weekend I am travelling to Mombasa with minimal planning.
    This may sound stupid, but there is fun in no planning