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With all the pressure that comes with the ‘new year new me’, I’ve been cruising around… sipping more tea, watching more shows on Netflix just waiting for January to end. By the way Ozark season, 4 is maaad. To be honest, I always wait for January to end because it always catches me off guard. It’s funny since my kindergarten had all these big charts of the months of the year. After December, it is January. How hard is it to remember?

So I guess, it’s February already. Happy new year loves!

Yes, I know you said you will start working out next Monday. Guess what? Next Monday is here with us but mmh…Did you just say you’ll start next Monday again?

Yes, I know you said that you will start saving next week. Next week is here with us and all your head is singing is ‘any small money I get…’  run to the mutura place? Run to the nyama choma joint? I mean, I can’t save sh50. That’s too little.

Yes, I know you should start writing your proposals for work. But it is Thursday. Who even starts doing stuff on Thursdays? “I’ll start on Monday. New week new me, I promise.”

Trust me. I have similar debates with myself and I never seem to win. It’s always the procrastination ugh. So I thought February sounds like a good time to start, right? Then I thought, that is ridiculous. Who said I can only start things on 1st February 2022? Where is it written that I can only start things on Monday? Why not just start today?

So I will ask you the same thing. Why not just start today? Frankly speaking, what makes you so sure that you will be ready or better next Monday if you do not start today?

You can be a badass today! Being a badass is not reserved only for January. You have not fallen behind because you did not get journals, gratitude jars, and planners on 1st January 2022. You did not miss the bandwagon just because you did not write resolutions and make vision boards then. Screw the bandwagon. If it left you, which I don’t think it did, just make another one. When the train has left without you, don’t you just book another one?

So let’s quit playing catch up. Just make your own game today. Not tomorrow. Today. You will find ideas while you’re at it. You will find clues that will help you maneuver your goals. In fact, you will be able to create building blocks on how to work through your goals and ways to stick through your dream of becoming a badass hiker, a badass baker, a badass programmer…

There is no bad time to be a badass. Kickass today. Go gerrit NOW!

In the spirit of ‘go getting’, Centonomy is offering a badass program that provides you with tools and a community to help you grow your finances, figure out your career, and how to become an entrepreneur (not a hustler, an entrepreneur- I was surprised there is a difference.)

So why not start today?

Small small steps remember?

Register for Centonomy Campus Edition and kick-ass this New Year.


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  1. Mutura guy… reminds me of the time someone left the house at 10 just to get mutura and come back

  2. I was to start Workout some day this week..mmmh hostage of procrastination… I’mma set myself free tomorrow! I promise hahah