Mundane Things That Make Adulting  Life Better

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1. Being in a bikini. Or short clothes that you have no idea how to fold because they come in weird irregular shapes. Guys wearing a plain black tee with sunglasses even when the sun isn’t shining. Better yet, slightly unbuttoned shirts oof! The point is fewer clothes and more body= better life.

2. Sleeping naked. You will not only fall asleep faster but you will have better sleep quality. Do you know why? A study done in 2012 suggests that one of the most crucial elements in getting adequate rest is the temperature of the bedroom. The body must bring its internal temperature down before going to sleep. Clothing was discovered to slow down this process thus taking longer to fall asleep. Sleeping naked helps the body to adjust its temperature more quickly, which may make it easier for you to fall asleep faster and have deeper sleep. So ditch those pajamas or campaign t-shirts you sleep in.

3. Checking yourself out while showering. Basically, the shower gets turned on every time you get in. Then there is looking at yourself in the mirror while fresh out of the shower. Can you see the steam you left in the shower? God, so hot.

4. Listening to music when you are home alone. That is the time to create, produce and feature in your music videos.  Look at you busting some serious moves.

5. Dancing with no rhythm. Two left feet but who cares?

6. Waking up without a hangover although you were too lit the night before.

7. Everyone making a big circle like a sufuria jamming to “Hey Brother” by Avicii or “The Nights”. “He said,  ‘One day you’ll live this world behind so live a life you will remember…’ ”

On that note:

8. Every time you have the realization that life is too short hits you. Suddenly, you start living like it is your last day on earth.

9. The DJ playing gospel music in the club- a special type of happiness. “Tumeuona, mkono wako Bwana…” and “We are a chosen generation…”  steal the show any day if you ask me.

10. Watching Mammito’s videos. Simply the best. Also, what would we do without Tiktok?

11. Taking blurry photos.  Unplanned photos. Funny photos.

12. Having a pet. Or maybe a plant? Heavenly!

13. Singing along to depressing music. That Maria Carey voice in you shines brighter than Chebukati’s forehead.

14. Discovering new music. Listening to that one song until you wring out every ounce of dopamine out of it.

15. Watching reruns of your favorite show for the 40th time.  Fans of ‘Friends’ know better.

16. Night drives with your parents’ vehicles. Windows rolled down and Kenyan throwback music turned up.

17. Laughing until your stomach hurts. Laughing so hard, no sound comes out. Pure bliss.

18. When you see your friends. Having conversations that only you guys get. Conversations that feel like hugs. Holiday plotting that seems to never actualize. Hugs. Lots of hugs. Selfies. Whatsapp groups with weird names. Oh my, friends can really cure you.

19. Finding a matching pair of socks.  Honestly,  research needs to be done because the separation rate between socks is alarming.

20. Compliments from strangers.  I like your haircut. I love those heels. Your skin is glowing. What perfume are you wearing?  You smell so good.

21. Memes that make you snort out so loud. Screenshotting memes.

22. Getting into a matatu that is playing a song you love. Or listening to Maina and King’ang’i in the morning. Or Patanisho with Gidi and Ghost. This one is for the elite.

23. When you reach your charger before your phone dies. iPhone users can relate eh?

24. Finding sh200 in your jeans’ pocket unexpectedly. “It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday Imma spend my money.”

25 .Watching inflation from the sidelines. Good old days. But not applicable in this wretched age of adulting. (sighs heavily).

Now’s your turn. Life’s better when…


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  1. Life’s better when you watch courage and ed edd and eddy at your big age. Age is just a number anyway, only God can judge me.

  2. Honestly, the socks research needs to be done. I’m always struggling to find a matching pair😂