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Happy New Year!

Yes, I know it is the end of January but it is still valid until mid-August. There are those of us who began the year on pure vibes and intend to keep it that way. Then there is the crop of us who have scribbled resolutions that they hope to stick to and turn their lives around. We see you, we hear you.

January is the month of the New Year, New Me rhetoric where we scramble to draw up vision boards and set ourselves up for the New Year. This is a fantastic way to begin the year but why does the energy fizzle by mid-February? By the time Valentine’s day rolls around, the goals are out the window, the vision board no longer in sight, and those who were hitting the gym furiously in January are missing in action.

I really wonder why we fall off the “new me” bandwagon. Didn’t you want to be healthier? Didn’t you want to get your finances in check? Didn’t you want to be a better friend or even sibling? Where did the fire you had to overhaul your life go to? Oh, that’s right it needed you to not procrastinate. It needed you to be used to discomfort. It needed you to overcome your irrational fears. Then you thought hmmm … not worth the struggle, sacrifice, or venturing out of your comfort zone.

It has been a couple of years since you have thought this and still, you are on the hamster wheel of life that you know you can improve. You know you deserve more than the bad hand life keeps dealing you with. You are better than the cycle of toxicity you are looping in. It is time you choose to do better and be better. For once see that goal through. See how far you can get when you get over whatever it is that holds you back: whether it is fear, people’s opinions (to hell with them), or the perimeter of your mind. I dare you to see at least one of your goals to the 365th day of this year.

This year take a look at your life:

  • Physically
  • Spiritually
  • Pleasure wise
  • Emotionally
  • Financially
  • Socially
  • Academically
  • Career wise

Take time to assess yourself, pick at least one area you struggle with, make a deliberate effort and watch how your quality of life improves. For example, if your finances are in shambles you can choose to improve by taking up courses on how to manage your money better with Centonomy. Maybe you struggle to find pleasure in your life, you can begin by finding things that bring you joy or explore hobbies you enjoyed before life sucked the joy out of you.

Whatever you decide to do this year may you stick to it and end the year being grateful you took a chance on yourself.

I wish you a wonderful year of radical self-improvement and self-acceptance.

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  1. This is legit the post I needed before February cause I was almost sleeping on my growth. Thanks ☺️

  2. Loved every bit of this. Quite awakening! Here’s to me working out past mid-February😂😂