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Who knew that one day humanity could be saved by simply chilling in the house? Honestly, when Covid – 19, alias Corona virus, broke out I never imagined it would cripple the world like it has. Something as simple as going out and meeting up with friends is potentially lethal. A handshake or even a hug could send you straight to your maker.

Interestingly when it was advised and later imposed on us to stay home a productivity craze swept through the internet. People began peddling the idea that with all the time available we should strive to be at the top of our game when the pandemic passes. They were selling a picture of success that should come along; a new business plan, a banging body from home workouts and  many other noble goals but let us be a bit real for a minute. Bitch, I can’t even keep up with my sanity! None of us know of tomorrow. What if (pardon my pessimism) you do not survive the virus? Won’t all the pressure be un-due? Won’t it have been better to spend that time the way you would have liked instead of the way a stranger thinks you should align your life. Do what floats your boat. I don’t think there will be any other time (God willing) in this life time when you can be live like a koala, sleeping 22 hours a day, just eating and chilling without your parents complaining. This life is too fickle for a random internet stranger to compel you to do what they think is the proper way. If you want to take 10 online courses, go for it! If not it is still okay. Live by your own metric!


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  1. Workout yangu ni kutoka bed kuenda kitchen alafu swimming kiasi kwa bafu😂😂😂 stay home save lives

  2. by the way nimeona difference ya mimi na koala sahii ni sura tu😂😂manze that pressure can mess up someone..being yourself is key at this point in time

  3. Lol , I thought I was the only one seeing all this on social media ….it can really mess you up if you feel the need to keep us with the show . Koala-ing my new life 😊😊.
    Love this Andisi

  4. I must say that the pressure is uncalled for and its clear that too much of something is poisonous. I like the boldness of the account. Nice.

  5. I always love the honesty in your blogs. So real, has a human touch which most bloggers lack, and is simply unapologetic. I always look forward to new posts. Lots a love

    • Thank you. It should as so because we are all human and we draw directly from human experiences

  6. Steph.Wambua on

    Yes, it’s not a productivity contest!
    Do you the best way you can ,adjust within your limits where need be and enjoy a happy life!

  7. Your mental health ia your biggest priority . You can’t give random people on the Internet power over it. 💙

  8. You really have to do what makes you happy because this quarantine can really mess up your mental state.
    Good job Andisi!!!

  9. I was to cook and bake during this quarantine period but I figured out that I was doing it for the internet to see.
    To heck with that, now I am just chilling and listening to podcasts and I have really changed my perspective towards life.