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Dear family, friends and I dunno who the fuck you are to me,


Sometimes you are going through a hard time and you feel so messed up and like a loser. With all due respect, I appreciate family and friends who try to cheer me up. I totally appreciate it but could you just stay the hell away from me? Could I just go through my emotions in peace? Could I just stay in my sweatpants for another day? Could I just cry my eyes out while eating pizza (that’s for you guys in Lavington) sisi wengine ng’ang’ana na ngumu. This business of telling me “everything will be alright, rise and shine, don’t cry, God has a reason, be positive” is like mixing pumpkins and porridge and serving it cold. Yuck!

I am not saying that you now wallow in your emotions the whole year. I am saying sometimes you got to embrace hard times the way they are, drown a little bit then shake it off and give it that Idris Elba look and Kipchoge your way out. I am not a psychiatrist or a therapist but the magic in doing this is you allow yourself to be a human that goes through highs and lows. Guys, if talking sense was a person it would be me, ey?

By the way I am so done with this ‘be positive’ nonsense. Mtu amekufa unaskia watu wakisema ati ‘we loved you but God loved you more’. Imeandikwa wapi kwa Bible because last time I checked God loves us all equally. Mimi msinipee jealousy issues tafadhali. He is my Father and He loves me too. When you fail an exam unaskia ati there’s always a next time. My friend, do you know that exam could have been the difference between going to Harvard to study Anthropology or going to Wakimani Institute of I don’t even know what? Eh? You have just graduated with a first class honours and you have tarmacked till Lokichogio alafu kamtu kanakuambia don’t worry the right opportunity will come. Kwani zinakuja na Migunamiguna? Ati don’t worry? Mimi ni Woria I can’t evade worrying. Personally, if you see me crying just let me be because first of all it’s my talent and the Bible says if you hide your talent it will be taken away. Secondly, siko Machakos niko Nairobi na kuna maji mingi kwa hivyo wacha nilie hadi nitoe tomato sauce.



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  1. People are different and react differently to situations. I know there are people who prefer to have someone to help them go through their emotions. That is completely okay because people eventually help you to get better. The thing is, those people also need to understand the need to give you time to go through your emotions. After all is said and done , try and have a positive outlook because life is a balance.

  2. I think it’s all just misinterpreted. Toxic masculinity isn’t really a thing. It’s just masculinity. It’s picked up, it’s learnt, it’s in DNA and it’s stuck.
    The thing about masculinity is the inability to accept help or show desperation. So masculinity is not gonna stop, it’s wired. What can be done maybe is to create awareness of like “you know what, I get it, your a man man and you can’t show weakness, but hey, let’s solve the problem coz your a human, a person, and you being helped won’t make you any less of a man. The inability to accept assistance is the toxic part, not masculinity

    • Say it louder for the people at the back to hear! ‘The inability to accept assistance is the toxic part, not masculinity!”

      Repeat this to yourself and internalize because it’s such a powerful statement.

  3. na tusker cider!
    it’s as if there’s somewhere it’s been written it’s for girls only ama if you drink you will have less balls.😑

    Drink whatever you want. After all the money is yours, ey?

    • This is a whole topic on itself! Seriously, why can’t men cry or show emotion? Share with us the toxic stuff you guys go through.
      We just might write on it and create awareness.

    • Hio ya Fanta nayo nimefeel ati blackcurrant ni ya wamama!!!hii kitu lazima iishe
      Kama soda ni tamu ni tamu

  4. Mahn …i wish everyone saw this ….this damn me rn …anyhos crying is my talent🤗😂 and imma cry adi niende ocha machakos☻

  5. Loooolll!! Umeanza na hasira lakini😁😴😂

    But yes I agree go through emotions but dont stay therreee!!!!⚡😋

  6. Hurting is a growth process ,,, trying to sugarcoat when reality is biting at the same time that’s porridge and pumpkin being served 🙄🙄😂you sure do feel me😀😀

  7. Anyway, I get what you are saying some times we just need silence but some people just be talking trying to make things better.

  8. The lines that made me crack up 😂
    “Could I just cry my eyes out while eating pizza (that’s for you guys in Lavington) sisi wengine ng’ang’ana na ngumu.”
    “Kwani zinakuja na Migunamiguna?”
    “Mimi ni Woria I can’t evade worrying”
    “siko Machakos niko Nairobi na kuna maji mingi kwa hivyo wacha nilie hadi nitoe tomato sauce.”
    😂😂😂😂 Where did you get such?

    • It’s just those jokes you make up in your sleep and you think they are only funny to you but when you tell your friends they start laughing…and you be like I’m a commedian! school for who?😂😂😂

  9. Finally someone said it , it’s not all sunshine and rainbows . But you gotta do what you gotta do

  10. Guys, I appreciate your comments and love! Sososo grateful. Share with us on other “Be positive nonsense” that you really hate.

    • You better be ready to hear the unconventional truth! Andisi and I are preaching to the ends of the earth hadi Juja market.😂😂

  11. Uji and pumpkin cold??? Ewwww
    But I really hate it when people say “You Loved them but God loves them more”. Such nonsense!!!!
    Good read!❤️

    • It’s just heavenly to know I am not the only one who thinks it’s upright non-sensical to say that!Like what do you mean bro?😑😂

  12. “Mimi ni woria I can’t evade worrying” 😂😂⚡
    On that note..I also like flowing as things come..if it hurts it hurts si ati nini ama nini..if it makes me happy it makes me happy…it doesn’t matter if it makes you happy because we’re all different..and deal with issues differently.

    • It’s your life boo, react the way you feel is right and just learn from your experience. Ain’t nobody got time for ‘rise and shine’.😂

  13. I dont like reading motivational books because they are always telling me who I should be , how I should act…like just let me live my life already! ugh!🙄😂