Women In Business: Stacy Njimu

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They say fear regrets more than failure.

Do you find yourself thinking of this when you want to chicken out of a new experience?

Do you feel scared of accepting an opportunity but at the same time, you’re petrified of the thought that if you drop that particular opportunity, it will never present itself again?

Later on in life, what do you reckon you will feel worse about? Is it failing or never trying?

Here is an insight from the S.I. unit of determination. It may seem like I am praising her however this is her reality. Trying even when the odds are against her. Putting herself into the world boldly well, afraid sometimes too. A woman who learns by doing and not by thinking about doing.

“I am Stacy Njimu and my business is minding other people’s business. I am the founder of Lead Mystery Shopper. We are business detectives who offer business owners insights into their businesses. This typically involves going undercover as customers and investigating the level of the customers’ satisfaction, staff professionalism, the level of service and finally bringing to light the malpractices of the business in question.

We are currently finding it challenging to get business owners to understand the importance of knowing the situation on the ground so they can work on it and become profitable altogether. But we will get there.”

Admittedly, an opportunity presented itself and what’s that saying about grabbing the bull by the horns? Exactly this! Conceptualizing ideas and executing them. Giving opportunities, experiences, challenges, and all that jazz a chance.

Anoni: Nothing’s too small to start, right?

Stacy: Absolutely! I started selling popcorn and look at where I am now. Well, I’m not there yet but I’m proud of the entrepreneur I’m becoming.


This article is proudly sponsored by Centonomy Campus Edition Program that inspires young people to develop a wealth creation mind. There’s a whole chapter on it and I promise it’s one for the books. And we said we are here to try, right?


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  1. Aaawwww, feeling honored to see such beautiful words describe my journey!!!🥰🥳
    May the voyage continue !!

    • You’re killing it and will continue to kill it. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  2. Love to see such. Tukazaneeee and secure the bag, or whatever other thing we dream about.