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Let’s reminisce.

When you were a little child there were things that just didn’t make sense to you but you had to live with them, accept them and no matter how many times you asked and were answered or worse brushed off, these things still didn’t make sense. Take the example of why you could not have ice cream for breakfast, lunch or at your every whim and also why your parents would beat you in the name of correcting you because they loved you (which seemed really ironic). 

As you got older these things began making sense. You may not recall the point in time but they just did and you began to see things you were warned against as non-beneficial to you, as difficult as it was to admit. 

When you were little there were things that would happen and you just couldn’t wrap your head around them. When the TV channel was switched to news (you’d probably be sulking) but you would likely hear of the Goldenberg scandal. At that moment, it was just as incomprehensible as the Kenyan government seeing the need to do their work efficiently. But today you can weigh in on a conversation on corruption in our country. 

The borderline between these scenarios is the capacity to understand, that split second where you think to yourself “Oh! I get it”. 

In light of what is happening in our country and around the world in terms of police brutality, impunity and the various cocktails of abuse we are witnessing every waking moment, as young adults we should understand what is going on in the world. In as much as they may be bad vibes I believe at the end of the day it is better if you at the very least understand and are aware of what is happening. We as young adults are a cog in the wheel of society. No matter which way you look at it, the happenings affect us all and it is better to stay aware and understand what is going on around you. Choosing to take action in whichever way is upon you but I believe we should all know what is going on outside the norm of celebrity gossip. The latest gossip and trends morph daily on the grapevines but some of the issues affecting us and the world at large have ripple effects that will haunt us for the rest of our lives. It is better to be aware than to live in disregard of issues that affect the present day and our future.  


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  1. just as incomprehensible as the government seeing the need to do their work efficiently…sad reality

    • Yes it is unfortunately but we can change our circumstances in small little ways.

  2. Good read! In as much as it may be a lot to take in what’s going on around us, it’s always more important to be informed.

  3. I’m glad you brought me to this realization that I need to stop being ignorant of everything that’s happening around. Just because it hasn’t directly affected you doesn’t mean it’s not important.